Alternative activities


Where luxury interchanges with simplicity

In every tourist destination the visitor can go on the loose until the early morning hours in bars that have different aesthetics and music that cover all tastes. The same goes in one of the many amusement areas in Vourvourou and the near-by villages. Furthermore, Vourvourou gives you many opportunities for alternative thrills.

You can enjoy your swimming not only in the crowded beaches, but also in secret, idyllic coasts. By renting the manually operated or motor driven boats that exist in the region, you have the opportunity to hop to the nearby small islands in order to live unique sea experiences. You can also suck the unrivalled sunset in the peaceful waters of Vourvourou either from the coastal restaurants while tasting gourmet temptations or from remote capes like Xifara with a slice of melon and good company. Just before the day fades out, it is truly an unrepeatable feeling to fish from a boat or with a simple fishing rod in the wetland habitat Livari and in the shallow gulfs of Vourvourou.

Luxury cruise ships and medieval galleys depart daily from the vicinal Ormos Panagias for the peninsula of Athos where someone can experience the grandeur and the mystery of the monasticism of Mount Athos while listening to detailed guided tours and enjoying fine appetizers on the deck or in the cosmopolitan harbours where the floatables anchor.

All the rural roads that spread around Vourvourou are ideal for excursions in nature and the monuments that are sprinkled throughout the area. The roads that lead to the mountainous estate of Tragountelis with its unique biodiversity start behind the hotel. A hiker will count among the coarse granites of the hills slopes 1000 different types of flora and will face Itamos, the most ancient tree in Greece that is said to have germinated 2000 years ago. Moreover, the car driver or the motorcycle driver will see flocks of stock animals herding insouciantly or fleet of foot deer and wild pigs hiding hastily in the dense leafage.

These images interchange with picturesque monuments such as the tower of Trani Ammouda and the different humble chapels that depict the locals of the past effort to leave their own stigma in history. A very nice choice is the perambulation in the narrow alleys and the traditional neighborhoods of Agios Nikolaos that is located within a small distance from Vourvourou and is quickly accessible from the road network next to “Aroma”.

Suggested books


Where reality meets fantasy

“Perfume” by Patrick Süskind

“The nose of Edward Trenkom” by Giles Milton

“Aphrodite” by Isabel Allende